Workers’ Comp Insurance

Accidents happen, no matter how much you prioritize safety in your construction business. And in the high-risk construction industry, an accident could easily lead to an employee injury. Workers' compensation insurance ensures you can take care of your most important business asset, the men and women who help you get the job done.

Workers’ Comp Insurance

Accidents are a part of life. The right coverage with Rock 10 Insurance Services can help hedge your risk by providing employee’s protection, and protecting your business from an employee accident. Rock 10 Insurance Services knows what Worker’s Compensation Coverage plans you need, within a budget that works for you. Misjudging the financial risk or a Worker’s Compensation plan can be a costly mistake, much like being underinsured by not having proper Contractor General Liability coverage.

Worker’s compensation insurance could leverage the medical costs that an ill or injured worker might come across, without your business having to pay out. The state of California sanctions that every business appropriate worker’s compensation insurance. Rock 10 Insurance Services offers premiums low enough that the opportunity to protect yourself and your workforce with Worker’s Compensation Insurance is easily accomplished, and shouldn’t cost you much out of pocket.

Rock 10 Insurance Services specializes in saving you money. While rates should be the same nationwide, we go a bit further to look for discounts and credits that can save you money, if you qualify. Premiums do change, depending on your history and background, so be sure to give us a call and get a quote today. Risk management and loss prevention are ways Rock 10 Insurance could also help your business become safer.

We offer annual premium audit experience, to see that savings are maximized and you are paying according to risk. If your experience mod is showing you to be a very safe workplace (typically, under 1.00) or that your company needs to improve safety protocols (typically, over 1.00), your premiums should reflect this. By having an extremely safe business and showcasing meticulous records, we can help save you even more money!

No matter the size of your business, Rock 10 Insurance Services works with different brokers to find the level of Worker’s Compensation Insurance that will cover you the best. Rock 10 Insurance can work within your set budget to help identify the problem areas and get you covered FAST! Call us at 866-376-2510 for your quick Worker’s Compensation and Contractor General Liability quote, it’s free!

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