Builders Risk Insurance

General contractors and project owners can protect their investments in a construction project during the course of construction with the right contractors insurance policy in place. With builders risk insurance, your investments in time, materials, and even your equipment are protected from unintended incidents which could threaten your project.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk is type of insurance that specifically covers a property under construction, or in the process of being remodeled. Builders Risk Insurance typically covers faulty work, injured workers, and other contractor liabilities. While Contractor General Liability Insurance covers the basics of your business, Rock 10 Insurance Service’s Builder’s Risk can cover you if negligence is found at the jobsite.

Builders Risk Insurance is meant to cover buildings during construction; from the day ground is broken, to project completion. Builders Risk can help to cover vandalism, fire, and theft. Builders Risk is usually required before work is started at the jobsite, in most California city and county municipalities, and especially by banks. Note: “Acts of God” such as earthquakes and floods are not usually covered with Builders Risk.

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