Professional Liability Insurance

Mistakes happen. When your business makes a mistake, however, the smallest misstep can be costly. Whether it’s a missed deadline, a misunderstanding, or professional advice that didn’t live up to it’s promise, you can protect your business against professional mistakes.

Professional Liability Insurance

Rock 10 Insurance Services could help cover your legal fees. Protection from pricey California lawsuits can save your business money.

Professional Liability Insurance, or E&O insurance, stands for errors and omissions. E&O insurance is a type of liability coverage, which protects the individual or company from a full defense cost, in a lawsuit against negligence. More specifically catering to the service industry, E&O insurance acts as a form of buffer on legal claims, defense, and financial damages. It acts as a type of malpractice insurance for the small business world.

General Liability Insurance usually doesn’t cover against alleged failure to perform, based on an error or an alleged error by your business. While criminal prosecution is not covered, professional liability insurance can protect your business from exceedingly high court costs. Knowing that you’re protected will allow your business to focus on getting work done, and not financial disaster.

Rock 10 Insurance Services offers many different levels of Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance, to get your business covered and can help you avoid the pitfalls of a civil lawsuit. Our knowledgeable representatives are standing by at 866-376-2510 to get a free quote started immediately, or complete the form on this page and get a Commercial General Liability estimate while you wait!

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