Commercial Auto Insurance

What’s driving your business forward? Each and everyday, business owners face the risks of the road as they push their companies forward. And they protect their business assets with the right commercial auto coverage to safeguard the vehicles, and drivers, that support their efforts.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Rock 10 Insurance Services offers a full range of Commercial Auto Insurance policies designed to keep your contracting business on the road. Not only is it smart to carry proper auto insurance, but California state law requires that all work vehicles be covered by Commercial Auto Insurance. In California, personal policies don’t apply to work vehicles. California requires minimum coverage in the amount of $15,000 per person for injury, and $30,000 per accident. Property damage liability coverage is $5,000 in California. California requires these as minimum coverages, but like most things in life, minimum protections still leave your business vulnerable. Commercial auto minimum insurance coverage may not cover the entire accident or property damages.

Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance’s basic feature is liability coverage, mostly because it is the required minimum for the state of California. If you’re at fault in an accident in your work vehicle, liability insurance is there to protect you. Commercial Auto Insurance can save you thousands from a lawsuit after an accident, especially when the hospital bills from an injury come into the picture.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverages

Repair costs if you’re at fault in an accident are not cheap! Collision coverage helps protect you from high repair costs. Insurance companies usually step in with a pre-determined cash value of your car, but on older cars, this might not be enough to cover the cost of replacement. The option of Collision coverage to your Commercial Auto Insurance policy is also not the cheapest, so usually this is applied only to newer cars. While you can choose a lower premium, you will likely have a higher deductible that must be paid before insurance helps out with the remainder. Note: Totaled vehicles are when the insurance company finds the repair cost of the vehicle, more than replacing the vehicle itself.


Comprehensive Coverage includes protection against vandalism, fire and wind damage, and other natural disasters. Real-world value of a vehicle helps figure out what it might be worth after an accident. Utilizing the Kelly Blue Book and the National Automotive Dealers Association are the two most used websites for valuing a vehicle. Note: Comprehensive coverage does cost more than basic liability, so we don’t advise adding it on very old vehicles.

Medical Payments

MedPay could be used to cover the cost of medical bills for yourself and passengers, should an accident occur. MedPay covers the bills, even if you’re at fault, no matter who is driving. In some cases, an auto insurance company could look to recover costs stemming from the accident from another party responsible.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists Coverage

Hit-and-run and underinsured motorist accidents are on the rise in California. Uninsured motorists (UM) auto insurance coverage could help fund medical bills and is required in California. This coverage usually costs less than 0.14 cents a day, for up to $100,000 dollars in coverage, paying anything not covered by basic medical insurance.

Rock 10 Insurance Services is looking to protect your work vehicles. Whether you’re looking for fleet services or just to cover a few trucks, we specialize in helping the construction trade get the Commercial Auto Insurance that works within your budget, and we pride ourselves on getting you covered and standing behind that coverage. While we’re on the phone with you, we can easily help with your Contractor General Liability Insurance Policy as well, just give us a call at 866-376-2510 or scroll down to complete the easy form below.

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